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Why Choose Greg’s Painting?

With over 30-years’ experience in both residential and commercial painting, Greg’s expertise in evaluating a job allows him to quickly respond to you with a quote, estimated time to completion and a start date.

Greg’s bids are all-inclusive, meaning they include scraping, patching, paint and professional workmanship.  His attention to detail begins with placement of drop cloths to protect your interior and/or exterior from paint and debris.  Once you’ve accepted his bid, all you have to do is choose the paint colors.

Very Happy

Very happy with the work and professionalism displayed by Greg and his team.  Thought the job included fixing water damaged interior walls and took multiple days to complete, they left the job-site picked up and orderly when they left each day.  When the job was complete, the walls and trim looked great, everything was put back in place and the rooms and hallway were ready to use.   Their fee was fair and I felt they over-delivered!  I’d put off the project for a year and a half intending to do it myself – after seeing their work I’m kicking myself for not finding Greg’s Painting sooner.  Don’t’ wait, call Greg!

Highly Recommended

I would highly recommended Greg’s Painting. Great services, paint job was amazing, and they didn’t overcharge me. Will be having them back here soon for more work that needs to be done. And they are extremely nice answered all my questions. Great, friendly people and great service.

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